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Frequently Asked Questions

We update this list from time to time based on our user requests and their feedback. Here are our most asked questions and their respective answers.

What do I need before viewing properties? 2018-01-14T18:18:07+00:00

The rental market in Greater Toronto Area is fast-paced and competitive. In order to increase your chances of acceptance, we advise you to have the following items prepared or easily accessible.

Standard documents required:
– Rental Application (download link here)
– Credit report with score (www.equifax.ca)
– Recent employment letter or last 3 pay-stubs

As part of the screening process, a landlord may request additional documents to further validate income (usually requested for self-employed individuals):
– Most recent tax returns, T4 or other taxation documents as requested
– Bank statements
– Other documents which validate income earned (receipts or cash deposits, work contracts, etc)
– Identification documents

You should have access to funds for 1st and last month’s rental deposit. This will be required within 24 hours, should your application be accepted.

I have viewed several properties & I am interested in submitting an application. What should I do next? 2017-12-26T17:27:19+00:00

Inform us immediately of your intent.

We will prepare the formal offer to lease and gather all supporting documents required for your application. Documents can be submitted via email for ease of convenience. Please send us clear and legible PDF copies. Photo snapshots of the contract forms are difficult to configure for printing and scanning purposes.

Once the forms are submitted, you can expect a reply from the landlord within 48 hours. This may be delayed if the landlord is overseas.

My offer to lease was accepted. What is the next step? 2017-12-26T17:27:12+00:00

Your next step is to submit your deposit for 1st and last month’s rent by certified cheque, bank draft or money order, payable to the listing brokerage. We do not accept cash or payments directly. All deposits are received and processed by the listing brokerage on file for the specific rental property.

Once your deposit has been submitted to the listing brokerage, the transaction will be considered ‘leased firm’.

What items do I need to prepare before I take possession of the rental property? 2017-12-26T17:27:03+00:00
  1. 10 post dated cheques, payable to the landlord (the landlord’s name will be listed on the lease agreement).
  2. In some instances, a key deposit will be required. This can be provided by cash or regular cheque, payable to the landlord. Key deposits can range from $100 to $500.
  3. Confirmation of utilities being transferred to your name.
  4. Tenant insurance – available at most banks.  You can also purchase a policy online from Square One Insurance (www.squareoneinsurance.ca).  Average rate for tenant insurance ranges from $18-$30 per month).

We will schedule a mutually convenient time for both landlord (or landlord’s representative) and tenant to meet for the key exchange.  

I will be moving to GTA in the near future and would like to secure a rental before my arrival. Can this be arranged? 2018-01-12T15:56:48+00:00

Sure. You can delegate a friend or family member to view the unit on your behalf.

If this is not an option, we can assist by doing a real-time video tour of the property with you, via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp video chat. We can take additional pictures and videos as requested.

I am renting a condo. How do I book the elevator? 2017-12-26T17:26:16+00:00

If you are renting a condo, it is your responsibility to book the elevator with the concierge at the building. Each building has a different policy for reserving the elevator. To be prepared, provide the concierge with a copy of your lease and the required form of payment for the elevator booking (regular cheque will suffice in most instances but it is not unusual for a certified cheque to be requested).